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He Ed, You have probably already figured out you Hermle, but if not I’ll give you my two cents. First the windings, the right side should be the Westminster chime side. It will have the heaviest weight. the center is the time and the left the strike. What I usually do first is to pic. the movement from all sides, just incase I have a senior moment and can’t remember where every thing went. next, put a little oil on all the pivots and the escape wheel. This should free it up enough to run for a while. If you can get it to run on the test stand before you tare it down, you will be able to scribe the exposed chime side parts. I try to get it to the point that it is set up to strike the hour, having just struck the 3/4 hour. them scribe the wheels on the back, so that when you first reassemble the movement your chime melody will be in the right order. I mark the chime barrel as well just to be sure. Also pay attention to where the warn pin is in relationship to the warn lock. By doing this way for me it seems to take a lot of the frustration out of it. It will have an automatic reset for the chime, but it can take several hours to reset, and that is only if it is set up correctly. The only other problem that I have had with them is in reassembly, the plates are heavy and can bend the pivots if they are not placed pretty lightly over the wheels. I hope this helps :) Mahlon

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