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Hey Chris, I have a real problem child on my bench now. It’s a Hermle Grandfather wall clock, with an 8 Day movement and Westminster chime. When I received it the chains, weights and pendulum were removed for shipping. Understandable, but not to mention the grief I suffered just to get the chains re-ran and when weights were applied the pendulum WILL NOT continue to swing. Gains about two minuets and then stops. As you can see the movement is filthy :(

A beautiful looking clock but I can just feel the problems building as I tear it down. I am taking my time on it as I study it daily, I have very little experience on this type of movement and kind of feel like a doctor working on a car. intimidated :? Why the three winding wheels and the third wheels job is what :? Also I sat it to 12:00 to see if it would chime :?: :?: :?: NOPE….. :( I can already see parts laying everywhere upon tear down. 😳 What can you tell me about this movement, if anything at all?

I’m already looking at other movement’s just in case :D But our problem is both of the same $$$$$ :( If the movement is that bad I want to purchase a new one for install and use the old one to practice on and when I get it right I would like to buy another cabinet for it but for now just wishful thinking :) This horology is keeping my pockets drained. I’m buying and repairing but nothing is going out the door, hence, NIT RUPLES. (No money.) :( I spent decent money on this clock and I’ll be dad-gummed if I am going to loose it. My wife snorts like a bull every time she comes into my clock room to speak of the current bills even though I always come-up with my share. Anyway, If I can’t get it right within the case, I’ll take pic by pic upon teardown and make many inquires to the clock makers on the form, you included. Thank god we have help ;) I also just purchased a grandmother floor standing clock with movement issues. (JUNK.) However I did discover and won the bid for a new movement on eBay that I can put right in with very little modifications. :) Well Chris, gone for now with best wish’s to you. Keep me posted as I will do the same.

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