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chris mabbott
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You’re welcome Ed, what I’m going to try is a polarizing filter on my mobile.. In fact, check out this link
There is every imaginable gadget for your mobile phone camera, even a macro lens :geek:

I never thought that I would use a phone camera so much, but now, I hardly ever use the DSLR, it’s just too big to pack around.

Anyway, for you & myself, who are taking shots of shiny metallic objects, a polarizing filter is perfect. There are two options that I’m considering, the first, simply buy a cheap DSLR filter and hold it to my phone cam lens.
The second is to pick one up from the above website along with a couple of lenses 😈

Here is another interesting and useful link about filters and lighting, it gives a few creative ideas and may prove helpful..

Keep up the good work Ed, pretty soon it will be just like driving a car, automatic.

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