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chris mabbott
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You’re welcome gents, thanks for your nice words :D

I’ll be looking forward to seeing your great shots in the future and even though I am not affiliated with Adobe in any way :) I certainly recommend purchasing photoshop elements. As collectors, we spend hundreds of $$ (i’m using the low amount) on watches, parts, tools etc so it’s always a good idea to have good detailed photos of all your gear, and to put a copy on a USB stick and hide it somewhere safe, for insurance purposes. PSE allows you, in the new version, to create albums, very easily, then you can simply click a button and store them on the cloud, or any device, for access any time, anywhere.

As a matter of interest and importance to collectors,
a medal collecting colleague had his house broken into a few years back, they took everything, cut the alarm, cut open his antique 1880s safe, a real professional job, he must have had over a million dollars of very rare items stolen that he’d been collecting for 45 yrs, even the things his dad brought back from WW2, his insurance company only paid for the items that he had photographic proof of, so he had to bitterly swallow the loss. Thank goodness that he started to take photos and catalog some of his collection about two years prior to the incident.
The good news is that if the perpetrators ever try to sell these items, the collecting communities world wide have been alerted, so as soon as one pops up, someone will know. This is another good reason to have pics of your items, if something does happen, forums/communities like this one, NAWCC etc, can be alerted.. Just another plus to having good photos 😆


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