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chris mabbott
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Again, I hope this little tutorial helps to make your photo taking/editing more fun. This is the reverse of the watch, taking shots of highly reflective objects is another fun thing. There is capturing the detail, then there is having all aspects correct. We’ve all WOWED at those pics of movements that are brightly lit to show off the demaskeening, I love that :P

But this shot.. And please remember that all these are done with a MOBILE camera, is a simple, well lit shot that shows some detail and almost the true color of the parts, with out reflection..

If you practice on your mobile phone and master the four basic techniques, then you should have no problem when you move up to the more sophisticated DSLR models.
Even if you feel your phone is not capable of good shots, it is, you just have to find its sweet spot..

Have a nice weekend

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