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chris mabbott
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    Oops, I made an error when I said 7×5, correction, 8×8 +/_ 🙄

    Now we want to save it AND prepare it for our posting on…. this forum for example. We don’t want to bog down Bob’s server with our HUGE images 😆

    We now have a smaller file dimension, also the size in MB is smaller. But we want to make that MB size smaller still, without physically altering the photo size.

    This is done in PSE “Save For Web” function..
    In PSE you can save in many different ways/formats etc but I use the web format to simply save space because I have thousands of photos, and they eat your memory.

    In this example we want to reduce the MB size but still keep the physical 8×8 aspect.
    There is a slight payment in quality for this gift, but remember, the internet only displays images at 72 dots per inch, so really, it isn’t an issue for us as our images are, hopefully crisp and clear :D

    From the FILE menu, we select… SAVE FOR WEB