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chris mabbott
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The photo of the face above is the result of auto smart fix, which is just enough to repair any slight errors of light, color and sharpness..

So now we have corrected our image, but it is still very large for our use, posting on the web, forum, or to our files.
You are asking why we took such a large image, the answer is…… detailed close ups.

Lets say that we want to show a close up of the second hand/dial and the tiny writing on the face. Instead of struggling, trying to get a close macro shot, we can use our large image to ZOOM into an area in PSE, then we simply crop the area we don”t want.

I won’t go into cropping yet though..

So here in this example, we have zoomed in on our area of interest and cropped out/removed the unwanted part, which made up about 75% of our original large photo..

This is handy for the forums, where you want to show a specific small area, or for selling on ebay…

Please keep in mind that this image was taken with a mobile camera, WITHOUT a macro, from a distance of about 5-7 inches away.

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