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chris mabbott

    Here I went to black cloth again, not sure why, I was probably just playing 😆

    But the black does give a dramatic effect when the sun is directly above, yet I am in the shade, if that makes sense..

    You can see how the light is cast down on these images which casts shadows on the details, everything stands out. I wasn’t using the macro and I should mention that I NEVER use the cameras AUTO function. You can learn basic settings very quickly.

    For our purposes, Collectors, the settings don’t change that much for any given object, so take time to learn the basics and always focus manually..

    Here we have two Infantry assault badges that were awarded for participating in 2 or more attacks on foot. The Iron cross 1st class is made by Godet who was appointed medal producer to the kaiser in the early 1800’s, so one of the oldest producers of the iron cross

    Disclaimer: I do not condone national socialism, any practices of the third reich nor Imperialism. The items shown are of purely historical significance and value and are intended to further the collecting communities knowledge of military regalia. I post these items from my personal collection as examples for the improvement of close up detailed photographic techniques, for those who may find it of help.