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chris mabbott
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What type of mobile are you using?

Here’s a trick I learned… More often than not, we tend to get too close to our subject. A mobile, and really any camera that isn’t equipped with a macro lens, has a minimum focal limit of around 4-7 inches and that might be pushing its limit.

What you can try, either on your mobile or camera, is to go into settings and select the largest file size. Once you have done this, you’ll possibly have a 35X46 inch photo 😆
But this is good, why? Because we can keep a little distance between ourselves and the subject, or at least the minimum focal distance + 2 inches.

This is where good photo editing software comes in, I have always used photoshop elements, because it is simply great for editing IMHO

So now you have taken your photo, you’ve maintained the minimum focal distance + a little more. You open you pic in photoshop and what you see is your image, small sized, surrounded by whatever it is in the back ground. You simply crop out the unwanted and now your image zooms in closer and larger..

I’ll illustrate this later..


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