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chris mabbott
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OK back to watches 😆

With watches, I get lazy, so really there is no setup because I take about 5 – 10 pics of the disassembly for my memory use. So usually, I use the overhead daylight light. My background is whatever the watch is sitting on, usually the Chinese $1 silicon tray, bright yellow.

On this shot, from a New York Standard 18s – 1888 model, I used the #2 eye magnifyer, then I cropped off the excess black in photo chop..
Still, it hasn’t turned out bad, you can see the detail and it serves my purpose, it is good enough, I feel, for posting on a forum.

Again, I simply supported the camera best I could to prevent shake and let the lens do its auto focal thing. I also tested the light, moved it around until I was satisfied..

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