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@david pierce wrote:

When you say RELEASE WHEEL I now think you are refering to the ESCAPE WHEEL. The way I look at the train is to number the wheels 1,2,3,4,5. It is a simpler system for me and avoids a lot of confusion. Number one is the mainspring barrel (gear), two is the center wheel, three is the third wheel, four is the fourth wheel and five is the excape wheel. When I disassemble a watch I store the wheels in that order either in compartments (milk bottle caps work fine) or stick them in a pithwood button. When I put the watch back together I don’t have to worry about getting anything mixed up. Reassembling a watch is always difficult because it is easy to damage a pivot when the plates are put back together. I put the plates on lightly but not secured and then go in with the small tools and move the parts around until I am sure that the holes are lined up over the pivots. This is where a microscope can really save the day. As I put the plate or bridge into place I can make sure that the pivots are comming up through the holes. I think everybody else does this differently than the way I do it but it works for me.

Hey David; I see what you are saying and I do place separate parts in milk caps, Being new to this I have been learning a lot from you and others here on the site. My noun nomenclature isn’t always correct and will get better in time. But with your advice I got everything lined-up with the exception of the escape wheel and pallet fork. After that oiling and driving on with assembly. Dave is their anyway I can check out the movement before total assembly? Or do I have to assemble the release wheel, pallet fork and balance 1st? Thanks David and I place much value on your comments. Ed…..

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