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david pierce
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As I am sure you know, watch parts are extremely tiny. They are not only hard to see without magnafication but they are hard to manipulate without some special tools. The good news is you can make some of these tools yourself. Almost every grocery store sells bamboo skewers and small sewing needles. Take some of the skewers and cut them into 2 inch lengths. Drill tiny holes into one end of each piece with one of the sewing needles. Clip off the eye of the needle and shove that end into the hole you just drilled. Make sure you use the smallest needles you can find. You can bend the ends of some of the needles to various angles to suit your needs. I have also ground part of the eyes away and pushed the pointed end into the handle to work on hairsprings. Once you have some of these made you will find that you will use them almost every time you work on a watch.

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