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Hey Mclarck, wish you the best. I to enjoy pocket watches and am making good progress with them. Basic but decent tools have assisted me very much. A good loop, good screw drivers, along with a decent staking tool set, decent lighting and a decent bench. Oh and stainless steel tweezers. (Learn how to use your tweezers.) Parts pop out and seemingly my carpet and or floor gobbles them right-up. I’m not that advanced yet to invest into a lathe, but considering it. You have a lot of good people on Bob’s site here who are always willing to forward help as needed.
All you can do is take your time, be patient and back off when you encounter any frustrating moment’s. Oh and take pics of your breakdowns to assist you when putting back together, good memory also helps, “A LOT” 8-) Keep your interest and you should be just fine. Welcome aboard and best of luck. Ed…..

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