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Hi Chris
Like yourself, I am new at this but was getting frustrated with flying screw and small gears. I decided to make myself a portable work station that sits on my desk that would hinder flying objects. I used a display case upside down. I turned the masonite back around so the smooth side would be facing up, slightly trimmed off some of the edges to allow for the material that I wrapped around the back and tapped it back in. I used a material that had a backing to it. This produces a slight cushioning effect and prevents bouncing. I also installed a back screen out of the same material with a well at the bottom so that flying parts will hit the screen and just fall into the well which was stapled to the front. The support arms for the screen were made with a wire hangar that was cut and re-bent and screwed to the front. The cardboard tube was trimmed and acts as the top of the screen. When I have to get close, the top of the cushion touches at the top of my apron. I added cushions on the side for comfort and to support my arms. For those of you who have a more professional work station, something like this could be used on top of it when you have to take apart and put together a watch. It was very simple to put together. It may not be for everyone, but I have not lost a single part since I began using it. Enjoy.

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