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I’ve read almost all of the Chicago School of Watchmaking and with a few exeptions, that is my main reference. I printed that beast out and have it in huge three ring binder in my shop area. I’ve seen the other reference you are talking but I don’ have it – yet. I plan on working with replacing jewels until I can handle most problems. For me, it’s the bigest problem that I’ve come up against. I’m the kind of guy that has to get his head around something before he moves forward. It’s my OCD I suppose.

I have a Seitz set too and it has the spring loaded stakes that are supposed to press jewels in straight. At this point I’m just going to find a smaller jewel with the right size hole and press that into a custom made bushing. Then I’ll press the bushing into the plate. Meanwhile, I’ll look at the resource that Bob gave me for the jewel that will restore it back to the original state.

Thanks again for all of the help and Happy New Year!


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