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@Randy wrote:

Thanks for your experience on this Doug…gives us ( and me ), more options !

No problem – the main issue is that with the graver blanks we use on our lathes, the 90-degree corners along the lengthway edges are very sharp and are essentially the same as the corners on our cutting broaches. We use our cutting broaches all the time to remove metal, when we want to enlarge a pivot hole. Similarly, the sharp corners of our gravers can’t be blamed too harshly for making nicks in our tee-rests. So dulling one or more of the longitudinal edges only makes sense.

I basically learned how to make gravers by reading the article by W.R. Smith on Sherline’s website. You can see the article here: The article is old, so the prices are outdated but the product numbers are still good.

For my HSS graver blanks, I order product #71093082 from MSC. They’re $6.71 each. I ordered a dozen of them a long time ago and I still haven’t used them all!

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