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Bob Tascione
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Hi Chris,
I’m not really up on polishing those nickel plates. I just use a blue rouge but that’s not going to actually cut the metal to remove the scratches. If the scratches are very shallow and no damage will be done to the damaskeening then I suppose any cutting compound will work and then just gradually work up to the finest as David suggests until reaching the blue rouge or whatever polishing compound you decide to use. The wax I use is just engravers wax. It’s used for filling clock and watch dial numerals and dial engravings. Very low melting temperature ( I think something around 200 F but don’t hold me to that). You can get it at just about any clock and watch supply house or engravers supply. Sometimes referred to as Dial wax but I think it’s pretty much engravers wax? Not sure about that either though.
That’s probably not much help but thought I would throw it up here just in case.
Good luck Chris,

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