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david pierce
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The basic principal of polishing metal is the same regardless of the method that is used. That is, scratches are replaced with finer scratches then those scratches are replaced with finer scratches and the process can be carried up to a mirror finish if desired. With plastic injection molds rough diamond paste would start the process then finer and finer diamond paste would be used until the core and/or cavity looked like mirrors. With woodworking tools a 1000 grit stone would start the process then a 2000 grit stone,4000 grit stone up to a 10,000 grit stone with the same result; the chisel or planer blade would have a mirror finish. The most common process for watch parts is to make a small paste with graduated grit powders mixed with oil and rub the part on a zinc plate. As you switch to the next grit, different plates must be used to avoid contaminating the finer grit with rough grit. I don’t know if Cousins UK carries the supplies but I think that they would. If not, companies that carry injection mold supplies carry this type of stuff.

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