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Bob Tascione
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Hi Lou,
It sounds much harder than it actually is in practice. :) The whole heat treating and tempering process that i covered above would take just a few minutes. Making springs and heat treating parts can prove very valuable when you get into restoration work but there’s no rush if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. I thought it was important to let you know that just heating the part up wasn’t going to be enough and could cause a little aggravation when you discovered that the spring was no longer a ‘spring’ after annealing it. When you have the time you can mess around with some scrap pieces of steel. It’s very satisfying work.
As far as sourcing a new click spring for your ST 124 I would think that contacting a few of the supply houses and asking them for that 124 click spring should do the trick. Not sure though so I’ll hunt around a little up here to see if I can locate a supplier for you.
Take care for now Lou,

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