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david pierce
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    Finding a runner by itself is going to be a rare purchase. I often see the tailstock and runner for sale for less than $100.00. I assume that the runner you are looking for is a 7mm with a point center on one end and a cup center on the other. I have not heard of COUSINS UK before you posted your blog today but after looking at what they carry they can probably supply the part new. I was looking for weeks for a new runner for my Bergeon because I just bought a second tailstock for it but it does not have a runner. After looking at the items that COUSINS UK carries, I noticed that they have a Bergeon combined runner set for $436.00. I have looked at other suppliers in the U.S. but it looks like COUSINS UK offers a larger selection of these type of parts. Other options I can think of are to keep checking with Ebay and Uncle Larry’s Watch Shop.