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@Bob Tascione wrote:

Hi Ed,
I didn’t realize you had asked about solutions to use in your machine. I thought were just asking about jars which David covered well. There are different solutions that range in price and cleaning quality. We’ve covered solutions up here pretty well before so let me try to find the posts for you. It will be a little later this morning when I can jump back in here but I’ll try to cover a few things when I do. Doing a little file backing up work on the forum right now.
Adios for now and Welcome to the forum Ed!

Hey Bob, I have settled for the large mouth moonshine jars. Working for me fine. Now the chemicals, I took head to your vid. So far so good. Thanks for the reply. I’d also like to thank everyone who showed their concern and gave-up their time to give their advice. Besides I also count my blessings because I only paid $2:00 for the entire unit, screens and machine and for the work it does I think I done fine.

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