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that really annoys me when you get that kind of response about your methods. What these “Rolex” specialists forget is that they are doing this day in day out and paying for “proper” cleaning solution is easy for them because the price of the stuff is like loose change to them. When you add up the price of the cleaning solution and the rinse it becomes quite expensive. If what you are using works and you get a clean movement and it doesn’t dissolve the shellac then what is the problem.
Sorry for ranting on your post Ed but this gets to me. You will find this happens quite a lot on other horological forums, You will ask a question about how to do something, you will get thirty different answers on how to do it and at least two of the forum members will get into a massive argument and fall out over it.
I have some of the L&R cleaner and rinse, I use it on clock platforms in a watch cleaning machine, it is ok but I cant say I am amazed by the results. It does get stuff quite clean but it does nothing to remove tarnish. I have the fast drying rinse and it doesn’t seem to dry that quickly. Just my two cents worth.
As for jars, they dont have to be glass, I had an ultrasonic unit that had stainless steel containers, just thought it might give you another option. If you try to use anything plastic just leave whatever solution you use in it overnight and check there is no residue coming from the plastic. Some types of plastic will melt with some solutions and others will be ok.

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