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Bob Tascione
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Hi Mahlon,
I may need to scratch my head on that one for a bit and get back with you. First thought though it sounds like it may be your chime auto correction feature which should be mounted on the back of the locking plate (on the outside of the front plate). The chime and hands can sometimes fall out of sync. and chime say the 3/4 hour chime when the hands shows 1/2 hour. In this case the chime is ahead of the hands by 15 minutes. Without the auto correction feature the clock would chime the full hour when the hand advanced to the 45 min. mark (15 mins before the hour) and after the chime finished the strike would then be activated striking the hour. That’s not good. The auto correction along with the longer cam lobe will not allow the final chime to activate UNTIL the hand reaches 12 O’Clock mark. The minute hand is positioned on the square so it points in the same direction as the longer cam lobe.
Let me think on it for a few minutes or possibly sleep on it to see if that might be the problem.


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