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david pierce
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You do know that the probe can be swiveled into different positions. It is mounted to the indicator with a friction clutch that puts tension on the probe arm with a Belville spring washer. What is the diameter of the shaft you are centering?

I just looked through the Enco catalog and found some holders. The one I used and still use is called a ZERO SET and I paid $35.00 for it about 30 years ago. It is item number 326-1124. Unfortunately, the price has jumped to $195.61. Enco offers a holder only 625-8822 for $14.32 and a couple of holder and indicator sets 606-4704 for $39.98 and 625-8521 for $27.98. These clamping fixtures are fairly sturdy but are a bit more troublesome to use than the ZERO SET.

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