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Bob Tascione
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Hi Tom,
I’m not sure of your mills accuracy but from what David said in past posts about it you should be able to use the wobbler and dial in within .001 or better if you take the backlash out of the lead screw. If in doubt you can throw your travel indicator on the mill X & Y axis and dial right in. I would highly recommend getting that swivel for your LastWord as you’ll be doing a lot of indicating of holes, pins etc. once you get moving on that mill. Starrett has them at their web site for under $20. I’ll grab the link to it and will post it here in a few minutes. The LastWord also has a 3 segment 2 jointed arm (I’m certain that’s NOT what it’s called) that comes in real handy too. May want to get that one too if you don’t already have it. That indicator is a good old work horse! Also I thought I read in a past thread post that you had picked up a quill mounted indicator bracket to sweep the head in?? I may have read this somewhere else but if it was you and you have one that will also work for now.

EDIT: Here’s the link to the swivel Tom,


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