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Howdy, I wanted to comment on the chime tubes, I had experimented with several different materials for hanging them and the sound they produced. first when refurbishing a older clock with leather hammer heads it is always a good idea to let whoever owns the clock know that the sound will change, my experience is that the sound will be “duller” with new leather, you can manipulate the leather to change the sound as I did with this clock by smashing the leather flat with a hammer changing the thickness, density of the leather and it gave a brighter sound. . also where the hammer strikes the rod, gong or tube (tubes in this case) will have different effects, I adjusted the tube height for the hammers to hit approximately 1/8 inch down from the top rim, this seemed to give more resonance than any other struck spot. Hanging the tubes I used a cotton string to start, 2mm diameter, the sound was o.k. but I felt it to be a bit dull, I then tried using the old brass weight cables, swedging them on to a certain length made it easy to install the tubes but the brass was stealing away the sound and resonance. I talked with Jim1228 from the forum here and thru his intelligent insight we came up with using a thinner strong string which would allow the tubes to resonated longer and brighter, oh boy was he right, smart guy that Jim…I used what is called spiderwire, a braided nylon fishing line at .50mm diameter, 60lb strength, the brightest and longest resonating out of all I tried. hope this helps, William

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