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Hey David, great question, the problem is I am unable to give a proper response. I consider a clock as if it was a large watch, besides the balance in the watch with the amount of beats per hour the rest, is very similar. all the parameters used in watch oiling would be observed in a clock, amounts of oil, mainsprings, escapements, ect…and are critical to proper function. I have, in part, blindly followed tradition with limited experimentation. and I suppose without in-depth study and research I will continue to follow it (I would have to prove that there was something better), although open to new ideas and suggestions. I also think that any oil, grease, spray, lubricant, viscosity would work but probably with limited success (in a watch or a clock). This is a huge subject, but I think along with it are many other factors like condition of the pivots, escapement, wear, or anything else related to a lose of power. About a year ago I worked on a jewelers regulator that had a pin wheel escapement, a real large heavy pendulum, medium sized weight. This clock in the case was about 9 feet tall. to my understanding a clock like this was made to run using approximately 95 – 97 % of the power provided, anything that stole away power would effect its performance. on the other side there are many clocks that are very small, using platform escapement, lever escapements, floating balances ect… the same issues with watch oiling should be observed on these clocks……There you have it, the best I could do to avoid the subject. Have a great day, William

P.S. Does anyone know how to figure out the amount of power, force or torque at a particular point in a watch or clock movement? With Davids question it got me thinking about that. what would the actual torque be at the great wheel as opposed to the escape wheel? I am sure you would have to know this if you were to build a movement.

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