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I had asked Bob to add to the beginning of this post that all ideas are welcome, I DO NOT presume to know anything or that I have practiced the right techniques. My posting any project is to invite and brainstorm ideas, so if you would like please respond with ANY comments or suggestions.
How I polished the weight tubes, PLEASE, this could potentially be dangerous and damaging to your weight shell, or you could rip your arm off, extreme caution needs to be practiced. As I brainstormed the task at hand I wanted to spin the shell and be able to have access all the way to the ends of it, there were other ideas on how to do this and for sure this method needs refining. I had a drill press sanding drum that was just the right size for the smaller shell, I used t-shirt and electric tape to increase the size for the larger one. bolting a large threaded rod to the base of the press and wrapping in t-shirt gave me a center holding point on the lower end.
By “stuffing” the shell onto the upper drum I then raised the bed to fit into the lower. Double and triple checking that the drill press was at its slowest speed, I held my abrasive and the shell with one hand, turned on the machine and quickly reached down with the other to help stabilize. the whole thing had to have a bit of slip so if something went haywire I could tighten my grip and stop the shell from turning, but enough holding power to spin the shell with some light pressure. The shells were in rough shape so I used emery paper starting at 200 grit and working my way up to a 800 grit and then 0000 steel wool. To get these perfectly smooth and shinny was out of reach so I left the light markings on them and WHALLA. The rest of the parts were polished on the buffing wheel, several light coats of lacquer.

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