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david pierce
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A standard Borel lathe base puts the motor about 6″ from the lathe. I am not aware of any distance that is too short or too long for a motor to lathe distance. Make sure the spindle of the lathe is turning freely by rotating it with your finger. If the spindle is binding or sticking, you will need to address that before going any further. It would probably be a good idea to disassamble the spindle in the lathe headstock and clean and relubricate it. If you need some help with this procedure post back and I will help step you through the process. The lathe belts that I prefer to use are 3/16″ diameter O-Ring gaskets that I buy from an industrial supply house called MSC. They are inexpensive and work better than any watchmaker lathe belting I ever used. I install these by taking the lathe spindle apart, dropping the belts in and putting it back together.

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