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Hi SecondsOut, All of the above post have given you great advice. Especially about starting out with a working pocket watch. Other than what has already been said I would like to offer you something else that will greatly help your endeavor and that is “PATIENCE”. When you find yourself getting frustrated or in a hurry you are surely going to make a mistake or break something. When this situtation occurs the best thing to do is walk away from your work area and after you relax for awhile come back. It happens to all of us, you will find you will have a clearer view of what you are trying to do. Also, since you are just starting get into the habit of using good watch practices when working on your pocket watches. Such as, watch paper or rubber finger tips when handling movements and other parts to prevent moisture from you fingers which will in time discolor the plate or bridges. In the beginning it may take you alittle longer using good watch practices but your speed will pickup and you will be better in the long run. Good luck I sincerely hope you go as far as you want with this great hobby, SteadyPin

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