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Seconds Out,
Watch repair and understanding watches is learned in stages. The first stage is disassembly. For that you will need only a few tools. These are descent screwdrivers, good watchmaker tweezers and some form of magnafication. If you want to start out on a small budget there are some good products available at a fairly low cost. Some tools you can make yourself. Since everybody has different preferences as to what they are comfortable working with it might be a good idea to start with a small investment and decide for yourself as you gain more knowledge in this field. I started out a few years ago at another school and they had a recommended list of tools. These were:
1) Dumont #5 and #2 tweezers
2) A couple of Bausch & Lomb loupes
3) Bergeon screwdrivers

These are good tools but over the years I have found that STELLA TWEEZERS from REDROOSTERUK, a set of watchmaker screwdrivers from FINDING KING, and a pair of powerful reading glasses from any drug store have work out well for me. You will find out things for yourself as time goes on and decide what you are comfortable with. You may also want to invest in some watch repair books such as BEGINNING WATCH REPAIR, PRACTICAL WATCH REPAIR by Donald de Carle and also you may want to pick up a copy of the CHICAGO SCHOOL OF WATCHMAKING which is on a CD and can be purchased for a very low cost. If you watch Bob’s videos, take note of the tools he is using on the first one; tweezers, screwdrivers, an inexpensive movement holder and an eye loupe. This is pretty much all you will need to get started.

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