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Welcome to the forum, and a great group of folks who will help you in any way we can.
I used a small Ultrasonic for the first few years,..along with L&R solutions, and got pretty good results.
I just stepped up to a bit larger one, with a heater, and it made a pretty substantial difference.
But you’ll do fine with the smaller ones.

Loupes are very personal.
I have an aplanatic loupe, and it’s nice to use,..especially if you are going to spend many hours at the bench.
Mine gets intermittent use though, as I’m far sighted, once I take it off, I’m blind.
I settled on an Ary Loupe, so that I could wear “readers”in a strength that allowed me to see everything on my bench easily, and then I can just swing the lens down as I need it. I bought the additional eyepiece insert for more power.
Everything else in the way of tools are pretty much what you can afford/ what works.
I like to spend hours combing Ebay looking for old watch tools,… can do well there if you invest the time.
I like steel tweezers for some work,..but prefer to use brass as much as possible, to decrease the possibility of scratching anything in or on a movement.

Take care,..write often…we’re here to share and help,



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