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Hey Bernard, I had to laugh when I read this post, I too am a little over 2 years involved, countless hours of study and repair = approx. 400 clocks and pocket watches, maybe 6 callbacks AND this last couple of weeks having a very difficult time with several clocks. A bunch of work on the shelf and I cant seem to get past these last few 🙄 . I have talked to some others and they appear to be having “the frustration 😯 ” recently also. The best I have heard is that if they were all easy to fix then we would get bored and might as well flip burgers and I hate cooking. Keeping myself motivated lately by the fact that nobody around here could or would tackle these problems. I get great satisfaction in seeing the customer excited and happy about their family clock running properly. When I slow down and stop thinking monetarily I catch the little things more easily. I also have worked on many cuckoo clocks and some can be real buggers. Check anything to do with it being in the case, bellow lifting levers binding, bird and door operation, sometime tightening the movement mounting screws real tight can throw things off, ect…ect…not much help here for now, I think I need some more coffee, keep on keepin on Bernard, It is possible we both are going to learn something new ;) …. William

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