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Thanks for your advice.

Some friendly people on NAWCC told me the problem might be using Keystone lube and that I should use Slick 50 One Lube. So now two spray cans are on their way to South Africa at 3-4 times the cost of it in the US. With so many people in favour of Slick 50 One lube, I am convinced it is a good investment.

I use steel wool to clean mainsprings and put them in the ultrasonic cleaner for 10 minutes at 50 degrees C using Historic Timekeepers (from Timesavers). Then I stretch them out, lube them and wind them a couple of times in the winder.

Now the interesting news. There was excessive wear in both the barrel cap and barrel arbor holes (both barrels). This caused the barrel to tilt to the right on full power. After rebushing both holes there is no more leaning. How could I have missed this 😳 ???

Thanks for your help. I think you were spot on.

Please mind my grammar – I am Dutch.


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