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Hi Bernard,
Bob has suggested taking the pallet arbor out of the clock, use something to stop the train moving, wind the clock partially and see how the escape wheel takes off, then do it again fully wound and note if there is any difference.
just a couple of questions, did you make a new hook for the barrel arbor or the barrel? Have you checked the barrel and barrel cap for wear as the french clocks do tend to wear the barrel holes quite oval and also the end shake of the barrel arbor in the barrel?. How did you clean the mainsprings? Are you sure they are not sticking? I clean mainsprings with scotchbrite to make sure any burrs are removed.
If the clock is under full power and you have wear in the barrel cap or barrel arbor holes this will allow the barrel to lean slightly and could be enough for the barrel teeth to jam with the intermediate pinion. Too much endshake in the barrel arbor would also help to jam it up. Once the clock has unwound a bit there wont be as much pressure and could be allowing the clock to then run.
Good luck and let us know what you find.

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