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I have resolved my issues with the striking and music trains and everything seems to be OK except for one thing: the hands don’t actually move. I think I have narrowed down the problem to a lack of friction between the main time pinion and the wheel that goes over it. The wheel (which is located on the outside of the movement) is attached to the pinion with some pressure type washer in the back and a small washer in the front with a pin through the end of the pinion. I have noticed that the pinion, along with the pin, will move over time but the wheel stays still. The pin is on there tight but maybe it’s not making enough contact with the washer. I figured I’d ask for suggestions before trying to adjust it. Here is a picture (couldn’t find a way to rotate the image):

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Check to see that the cannon pinion (the snail gear) and minute arbor move freely. If that is the case, you can try a thicker washer under the pin ( make sure it does not interfere with the cannon pinion) and/or remove the motion works gear and bend the tangs/legs of the spring washer so that they apply more pressure to the gear. Maybe that ball bearing goes in there somewhere to help with tension….

Either way, this is a balancing act, as too much force could stop the movement while too little results in the hands not moving.


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