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My digital camera finally bit the dust a while back so I tried using my iphone 5s camera to take both photos and video as I take apart my wristwatches. The standard camera software from apple wouldn’t let me get close enough to focus on the small detailed parts. I downloaded a new camera app called procamera ($3.99) and it works perfectly! You can hold the camera back a bit and then zoom in and get a very high quality zoom-able HD picture or video that will have plenty of detail. It also has lots of exposure features. It has saved me several times so far because like the OP I also have a bad memory and as a noob until I get some bench time under my belt I will continue to snap a picture or short video showing how that little spring goes back in place. The App has a HD video add on for $1.99 for HD video that I also bought. For $6 i have a HD camera and video recorder better than any I ever had as a standalone. The new smartphones from the iphone 6 to the new Androids have fantastic new camera technology so don’t overlook them when you aren’t happy with the zoom in capabilities check out the camera apps before investing in a new camera.


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