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steve fornelius
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I just use cheap plastic sandwitch bags and leave the top open. The bags fill with solution and maybe some of the solution moves in and out, but I’m dubious of that because when I put something very dirty into the bag and then the bad into the ultrasonic, the solutino in the bag gets very dirty but the tank doesn’t get much dirtier. I have a 2 1/2 gallon Branson 5510 that was service about 2 years ago when the agitation pattern started getting weak. I use Heritage Ammoniated Clock Cleaner at about 3 cups per tank. Might not be real strong, but it works pretty well.

I’ve also been starting to do a preclean on the plates, arbors and gear teeth with something like carbon tetrachloride. Then it takes probably 1/4 as long to clean the parts.

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