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Hey guys, thanks for the compliments, This photo was taken at a regional business exposition, I had set up a display and had thought wearing a vest may attract attention to how fashionable it still can be to carry a pocket watch, I had received some compliments but the ones I cherish the most are from you guys…..I had a line at the bench with people asking questions (hope I didnt sound like a fool) my wife said I was the only one there who was so busy, maybe the idea worked????
I was wondering what yall are referring to…. @david pierce wrote:

a Speedo.

@Arutha wrote:

“budgie smugglers”

never heard of these, are they for organizing items to help in memory loss? or possibly something for the lathe setup?
Hey Ed, the 4 P’s = patients, practice, persistence and pictures are the key, time to stop eatin cake, get up, get busy, and let us know how the battle goes :D remember, make war with the counsel of many…..William

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