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Memory loss, yup that’s me all the way. Thankfully before the course I went out and brought several, no bunch’s of old broken ladies watches pocket watches, men’s watches and I already had a dozen or more wall clocks. Yup as I had anticipated, I’m breaking them down very well and yea, their all sitting around unassembled. But their all separated and in safe places. As time goes on I’m sure Bob and other big hands on here will be willing to help a new second hand achieve my goal of watch repair. Hey, as a disabled “VET”, all I have is time now. Any who, glad to be a part of the course even as a cherry 😆 Got to go now, no TIME for chat got to be on my learning way. SGT Viper, 82nd AIRBORNE DIV, Disabled. (Hello Bob, doing well now, thanks.)

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