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    Tom, very nice and well organized, YOU HAVE A GREAT SHOP!!!, From what I understand there have been many great watchmakers who had very small space to work in. A large area with all the best tools does not mean good work is being done. How long have you been working on watches? do you work on clocks also? Impressive Tom and thanks for sharing, William


    I’ve started playing around about a year ago I think (It’s when I first joined here). I started trying to service my collection of pocket watches and just got hooked. I haven’t even opened a clock yet as I just don’t feel that I have enough knowledge for that. Additionally, I just don’t have the room for them at the moment. I do plan to move in that direction at some point. Maybe when I retire (at 72) I could start trying to make a little money doing this. I just love this stuff and would like at some point to be able to do it full time.

    I guess I’m sort of in the same position as David has recently described. I teach at a post-secondary community college and I’m just trying to get through the thing alive (tons of stress). Having spent about 20 years of my earlier life in the structural engineering field, I have SOMETHING of an understanding of metals – nowhere near the level that David and Bob have. I do hope to buy a bigger lathe at some point. Then I need a vertical band saw, and a large belt sander, and a Bridgeport milling machine, and a welding set up, and an hydraulic press, and probably before then… a divorce. 😮

    Your shop looks like a professional one. You do this for a living correct? It’s incredibly nice.

    Thanks for your input as always…