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Bob Tascione
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Wow Tom if at all possible pick his brain! Those blacksmiths know all the oldtime tricks. Can’t think of any other trade that gets you that close and intimate to the steel they’re working with. Also pass any info along to us please!!
In fact…since this is a members only forum you might ask if he has an interest in Clocks and/or Watches. If so I would be happy to give him a free membership to the Ultra course just so we can drag him up here to ask a few ‘occasional’ questions. Purely selfish motivation on my part I might add. :P
Just had a talk with David this morning about Japanese sword and wood chisel making. Hadn’t heard about the chisels before. Interesting heat treating techniques. You friend probably knows a lot about the process.
If he doesn’t have much interest in horology maybe you can coax him a little by letting him know that it was the Blacksmith that made our first clocks! They were the first Clockmakers.