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Bob Tascione
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I completely agree with David!
We all appreciate and learn much from your questions Tom. Take a look at the views and interaction of many of your tooling threads and you’ll see they have become some of if not the most popular discussions up here. When you disappeared for a few days a couple of weeks ago I started to panic! That’s why I contacted you to make sure all was ok. That contact was spurred on by David and others too so you know we mean what we’ve said here. We all learn from each others questions. Makes us think and work out solutions. Ouch!! “Think” and “Work”… both painful words in one short sentence. Remember Maynard G. Crebs’ reaction on the Dobie Gillis show when the word ‘Work’ was mentioned? May want to answer ‘no’ if you don’t want to date yourselves. As for only understanding half of what we’re talking about don’t worry about it. On a really good day, after re-reading my posts, I’m lucky if I can understand half of what I’ve written so looks like our comprehension is about even. 😡
All questions and help is appreciated up here.

Thanks guys,

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