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Their piercing saw blades are good value too, I thought I would try the cheap ones and was prepared for them to break easily but they seem to work just as well as any other brand, I have certainly worn some out if I have been having an off day and cut carefully enough not to snap them.
Their cheap watchmakers screwdrivers (The ones with the grey plastic stand) were fine too once i went through and tightened all the grub screws once I had the blades in the right position.
The sets of pocket watch keys are ok.
The screwdriver and graver sharpening jigs are not that great, they are not well made and with two of the graver jigs I had to make adjustments to the frame as the rolling barrel at the bottom didn’t have enough clearance to be able to move.
The packs of 100 mixed jewels can get you out of trouble on the odd occasion but you wont find any cylinder end stones in there.
The small triangular arkansas stones are great for getting pivots almost down to their final diameter before burnishing.
The balance holder tack looks ok but if you have a lathe its very easy to make one and I have used my own a hell of a lot.
Their HOROLOVAR clock Suspension Springs are cheap compared to other suppliers in the UK.
Their set of 4 pin vices are a bit hit and miss, two of mine have the centres very off centre but even so they are still useable for certain things.
I think I will stop now as you are probably all yawning :)