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What I had heard was the flat will also help from the tip of the cutter breaking and causing it to not cut as well as Bob has mentioned. So after cutting the threads to get what you mentioned @david pierce wrote:

truncation provides clearance between the external thread and internal thread

would you just run a file over the top of the threads? or does this occur with proper calculations in total circumference and the bottom of the thread circumference (the proper terms escape me) leaving the truncation? If this is so then I would have to make the total circumference smaller (wholly cow I am thinking too much). Also since I had cut these threads between centers I was unable to determine whether they would work or not (my by gosh and by golly method), I am assuming the thread wires would show me this. Hey I bought the 60 degree center gage from enco, I think it was in the middle of the road in price (around $8 or $9) I see how helpful this little tool will be for grinding the cutting tool and setting up perpendicular to the work piece. I also found someone selling a machinery handbook in the area, 28th edition in new condition for $40. Have to study more on finding the flat. I am not sure why I am getting so excited about all this, maybe I am going crazy or something. William