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Hey David, thank you, the screw is 1 1/2 inches long. If I am catching you right I could use just about anything in the tail-stock jacobs chuck, I think what you are saying is even something a bit smaller in diameter at the tail-stock would stay out of the way at the same time as giving just enough support. I could turn a point on some stock that would probably be precise enough. I was also thinking in conjunction of what Bob was saying @Bob Tascione wrote:

By cutting a relief a little less than the minor diameter of the thread into the stock just under the screw head

, I should have cut a relief at the end of the screw also, bonehead me I had only faced it off, the cutter had to struggle to get started and cause all kinds of flexing. Yes David I can have some space at the head for stopping, it will be a tapered head that fit into a tapper brass washer and then thru the seat-board, the screw is for mounting the movement to the seat-board, not something terribly precise or has to be pretty. just needs to function. this is why I decided it would be a good idea to figure out the threading on a lathe with this piece, thanks guys with each idea my knowledge on threading increases 100%. William