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david pierce
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One idea that might work to support the end of your screw is to remove the point from a carbide scribe and put it in a drill chuck. A #10 screw is about .190 inches so the scribe tip will fit inside that diameter and give you a little more working room. A threaded screw is not usually a high precision item so you will not need an ultra precision center support. Hopefully the scribe tip will be strong enough to support the cutter pressure. One way to find out. Are you threading up to the head of the screw or is there a gap between the thread and the head of the screw? What is the length of the screw? If it is short, a center support at the end should be all you need. If it is long then you will have additional problems from the cutter pushing the part in the middle. One trick I used was to mount a dial indicator to monitor the carriage movement. With that I could flip the half nut lever up within a couple of thousandths at the end of my thread cut. If you do that stay on top of the situation.