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Bob Tascione
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You’re welcome William,
I don’t want you to think that I’m saying that it’s a better way to thread just another way and one that I prefer (for me). Another way to do it is by bringing the cutter from behind or the rather the other side of the part. This way you don’t need to turn the cutter upside down but can still feed out toward the tailstock by running the spindle in reverse. You will need a boring bar type of tool though. Kinda hard to visualize so I’ll try to locate a demo up on YouTube for you and will post it up here. There are times when feeding out isn’t a good or doable option.
A few words of CAUTION!! Something you may want to consider with your Atlas is, if I remember correctly, that it has a screw on chuck. If so then running the spindle backwards while applying cutting pressure can sometimes cause the chuck to spin off! With Cam lock type chucks this isn’t a problem. Working with that tiny screw might not be a problem (be careful if you do decide to try it though) but definitely something to think about if you plan on taking heavy cuts in the future. Reversing or just starting up in reverse can sometimes cause these chucks to loosen up!


EDIT: Here’s a link to a video cutting from the back of the part.