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Hey guys, I want to make a new screw because I cannot find a straight slot screw head to match, only phillips. this is for the g-clock I am working on, the bolt thread would be a 10-32. I farted around last night and had pretty good success cutting the threads on the lathe (first time and thanks for the information David and Tom) BUT I was not able to support the end of the steel only because I could not get near enough with the tail-stock and still function, this caused flexing and therefore I didnt get a good cut at the end of the piece. could I use a drill chuck with a center to gain length in the tail-stock for supporting the end of my piece? use a longer piece between centers and thread from the center of the piece inward? or is there a better way to do this, I know I could use a die and could save some hair but I would like to figure this out on the lathe. Thank you, William