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Hi Jan,
My fault. My question should have been a bit clearer.
I had tried a newer type precision drill press at a friends shop a few years ago and found the table up and down feed to be a little sloppy (side shake). Your table looks like it would be tight since it’s actually the tailstock from the lathe version. The Sincere uses the same setup which is also a GREAT deal. I’m just impressed with the price since it can also be fitted with collets. I have a similar but much older (ancient) drill press with the same up/down table feed. It’s a bit worn but proven to be extremely accurate. I have seen and used better though!
My table doesn’t have slots that can be used for clamping. I probably wouldn’t need to clamp anything to it anyway. I just float the part on the table or use a small vice or holding fixture which can float on the table and lay out the parts using an optical center punch when I need to get really close. David may know of some better machines for the money out there so I hope he reads this and lets us know. At this point though it seems like you got a nice drill press (and Mill & Lathe!) for the price.

Thanks Jan,

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